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Home Free is an American country a capella group. It currently consists of five vocalists: Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance. 


The group first formed in January 2001 in Mankato, Minnesota by Chriss Rupp. At the time, most of the members were still in their teens with the founding members; Chris and Adam Rupp, Matt Atwood, Darren Scruggs, and Dan Lemke. The band took their name from a boat owned by Atwood’s grandfather who helped provide financial support for the group in its early years.

Initially, the group was just a hobby for the singers, but after graduation and gaining more experience and popularity the group chose to pursue music full-time. This decision was followed by some line-up changes. Soon the group released their first major label album in 2014. And their most recent album was released in June 2021.

Musical background and style

Home Free’s singers all have formal musical training. Including Lundquist and the Rupp brothers having bachelor’s degrees in music. The band are excellent instrumentalists and many of the members are skilled in songwriting and musical arrangements.

As far as musical roles, Home Free includes Lundquist as a lead tenor, Brown as a high tenor, Chance as a baritone, Foust as a bass, and Rupp as a beatboxer. The band plays along with percussion sounds. The band recently styled themselves as a country group after an initial run as an all-purpose a cappella group. The group sang in a variety of styles, until they chose to focu towards a country sound. Especially when the group realized that fans responded best to their country work.

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